Food as Medicine

Do you know why I love nutrition so much?

To me it’s modern day magic.

You can find all sorts of nutrients which are naturally densely packed in whole foods.

What’s even more magical is that each whole food has a blend of different nutrients which synergistically compliment one another.

To add another layer of magic, consider the fact that we rarely eat a single ingredient in isolation. We make meals out of a variety of different ingredients.

If we look at a lot of traditional/cultural meals, you’ll find that whoever came up with the recipes did a great job of combining ingredients which all work synergistically together.

I’ll give you an example from my own culture.

Egyptian and a lot of Middle Eastern cuisines revolve around kebabs, kofta, lamb cutlets, lamb shank,chicken etc.

These foods are naturally high in iron and zinc. They’re also high in vitamin A and D. Of course there are other nutrients too, I’m specifically focusing in on these nutrients for now.

Now, because these are animal based products, they are also a source of fat – which isn’t a bad thing, because you actually need this fat for your body to be able to absorb the vitamins A (Retinoid) and D (D3).


Unlike other vitamins, Retinoid/vitamin A and vitamin D3 are fat soluble only.

So what about the zinc & iron?

Go to any self respecting Egyptian eatery which serves kebabs/grilled meat, they will 1000% serve their meat alongside:

-onion/spring onion
-lemon slices
-pickled vegetables

Well, I don’t exactly know why THEY do it, but from a nutritional perspective, all of these foods do the following:

-help your body breakdown and assimilate the fat from the meat. This also helps your digestion of the meal.

-provide vitamin C, which is needed in order to absorb iron and zinc into the blood stream and then be delivered into the cells.

Pretty clever, right?

This is how we should be thinking about combining ingredients in our meals.

Food is the most basic, safest, accessible pharmacy you can provide yourself with at home.

Enjoying your meal increases the amount of nutrients absorbed too 😉

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