Free-range vs Organic; what’s the difference?⠀

Ever wondered what the difference was, and whether it’s worth paying the extra few quid to upgrade from free-range to organic?

It’s definitely worth it! Organic meat is the best way to go if you’re committed to being an omnivore.

Choosing organic encourages the organic farming industry – which is what farming used to be like before it became ultra industrialised and mass production reigned supreme.

The farmers, animals, environment and consumer get a much better deal.

I always prefer to go organic on animal products and buy/consume smaller quantities less frequently, than the cheaper and more problematic non-organic. It’s just not worth the cons.

Of course, it is more expensive, however I am committed to my health as I understand my mind body and spirit only function well when my health is good, so eating high quality over quantity is a priority for me.

The trouble with free-range is that you’re not getting any kind of guarantees on quality. It’s all very vague, just as explained in the info graphic.

When you eat out, you’re most likely to not be eating organic products. Your health may not suffer the impact of this if the main bulk of your meals are healthy, home cooked, organic meals.

I like the 80/20 rule because it’s realistic and allows space.

The organic stamp can be a pretty expensive accreditation for some farms, so they opt not to go for the certification, but that doesn’t mean they don’t raise their animals to organic standards.

If you want to save a bit of money while getting fresher, better quality animal products, don’t look at your supermarket – go to a good quality butcher and have ask them about the animals’ feed.

You may find their free range meat is actually organic but without the official certification in order to save on costs.

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