Grounding – downloading electrons and upgrading your health.

Did you know that spending time in nature can help lower inflammation, and consequently, improve your physiological AND physiological health? And it isn’t even a hippy thing. There are actual research papers which show that people who performed ‘grounding’ on a consistent basis had lower inflammatory markers, and an improved immune system.

Magickal? Well, yes and no.

As we all know (I hope), according to the laws of physics, all matter is made up of atoms. If you can remember your high school chem or physics classes, the structure of an atom contains a nucleus in the middle, containing neutrons and protons.
We don’t care about those right now. What we DO care about, are the electrons.

Electrons orbit the nucleus of every atom ever created. Electrons are also the smallest particles, ever. The amount of electrons on the outer edge of each atom determine how ‘stable’ or ‘unstable’ said atom is. In our bodies, atoms which have an odd, or unpaired number of electrons on their outer shell cause oxidation. Oxidation is the scientific term for ageing. The more you can slow down and avoid cell oxidation, the less ageing, or rather, the slower the ageing process will be. Essentially, if we could find a way to forever keep reversing oxidation, we could even live forever (in theory).

So, the more unpaired electrons you have in your body, the more problems you’re likely to have with your health. Using aids such as antioxidants is popular, because they help fight and mitigate oxidation. Grounding, is another way we can help our bodies fight against oxidation.

The earth’s soil is very rich in electrons. Electrons charge our bodies (yes we conduct electricity too) and actually strengthen our immune system, reduce inflammation as well help calm us down (putting our nervous system into parasympathetic mode which make our bodies work more efficiently).┬áThis happens because a stream of electrons from the ground are now pairing up with the unpaired unstable electrons in your body.

The best way to benefit from grounding is to hit up your favourite green area, find a quiet spot. If the weather permits, take off your shoes and socks and make direct contact with the grass. This is also a great time to quieten your mind, maybe practice some mindfulness or meditation, which have also been shown to reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system.


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