How Trust Issues Affected Your Health

Your disease didn’t develop overnight because you started smoking, ate gluten, etc…well I mean, those factors really didn’t help.

Yes, we have to address the symptoms and physiological damage caused by doing these things, but we need to be honest (and compassionate) with ourselves and find out what is driving us towards these behaviours and habits in the first place.

I can almost bet that a childhood traumatic event (trauma doesn’t have to look like a major incident like death or blatant abuse) is always at the root.

The wiring of your nervous system was firmly set and your health developed accordingly.

Good news!! You’re only as stuck as you want to be.

Right now, the astrological weather is absolutely perfect for changing your whole life, from the inside out.

Step 1: become aware of this, and don’t judge yourself. Feel the feels and and do what you need to do to release.

Step 2: start seeking ways to rewire your brain. Seek professional help.

I’m prioritising this with my own clients, and for those who are ready to claim their best lives and step out of victim/ego mode, they absolutely fly.

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