Stretch for a MUCH BETTER quality of life.

This is still the Mood & Relaxation Series!

Do you dedicate some time every day to stretch? My guess is most people answer ‘no’, because we tend to focus more on what we think of as ‘exercise’, like running, lifting, squatting etc.

I used to be ‘most people’, so I know what you’re thinking – let’s focus on burning calories/bringing in gains. Right?

Well here’s the thing. Your muscles and joints need to be in the position to best support and serve you while you’re putting it through all the high impact stuff.

From a holistic nutritional therapy point of view, we also need to consider the high amounts of inflammation we’re turning over while we’re exercising. We also need to consider the impact of this higher amount of inflammation and physical stress on our bodies.

Cue stretching & foam rolling.

Whether you don’t do very much or run marathons, stretching can only be beneficial.

Just like breathwork, stretching can send your nervous system into parasympathetic mode – which is very needed, considering most forms of exercise put your body in sympathetic mode (fight or flight).

Stretching (and massage) also helps move lactic acid and inflammation into the lymphatic system, helping your body get rid of said substances.

This means:
-less pain,
-more supple muscles & joints,
-better form when exercising,
-better physique shape
-greater stamina and endurance,
-lower stress levels,
-lower levels of inflammation

The less inflammation & toxins you have in your body, the more beautiful and youthful your appearance becomes 😉

It can be daunting when you don’t know what you’re doing, as when done wrong, stretching can cause all sorts of tears and strains – resulting in time out.

Fortunately, @coachamevor runs an expert stretching class everyday on Instagram live at 7.45am (evening classes coming soon!).

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