Do You Feel Like You’re Approaching Burn Out?

How are you feeling? Do you know? Do you and your body have a language and understanding?

I’m personally feeling like I’m approaching burn out mode.

With all the chaos around us, preparing for said chaos (despite the fact that I really didn’t want to), and getting normal stuff done, I can feel my cortisol levels approach high levels.

I know when I’m approaching burn out when I’m finding it harder to control my emotions, sleeping badly and struggling to complete tasks. Another clue is when I start feeling overwhelmed.

If this was more than a year ago, I probably would have just pushed myself harder because…stiff upper lip, go hard or go home etc etc…however now I know better. This applied to the gym as well as real life!

If you relate to any of these feelings, please find a way to rest and take a time out for a day or 2. We are only at the beginning, and we are going to need our nervous system and health to keep us going through the upcoming months.

I’m personally going to take the rest of the day off today and tomorrow. This will include not checking social media, and I will be limiting my Coronavirus news viewing to 2 times a day.

Instead, I will be enjoying candlelit Epsom salt baths, meditating, praying, sharing, cooking, baking, going for walks, stretching, chilling in parks, watching lots of Housewives of wherever.

I’ve noticed I haven’t been interested in music which is extremely unusual for me, so I know this is getting serious 😄

Im hoping these 2 days give me enough time to recharge my energy, mind and body so that I can function more efficiently.

I’m still not finished with the vitamin segment of the immune boosting series, and I will be back with the final super immune vitamin on Saturday – Vitamin D.

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