The Mood & Relaxation Series

I’ve dedicated the next few days’ posts to topics surrounding our mood.

We can’t do much to control the national or global circumstances, but we have a lot of power in deciding what we want in our internal world and immediate environment.

I’ve prepared posts on:

-breathing exercises which can instantly shift the body from fight or flight to relax and restore,

-how we can improve mood with food,

-what small practices we can incorporate into our routines to improve our overall mood and wellbeing, permanently.

The reason I’ve decided to focus on mood is because it is intrinsically linked with our physical health – digestive, cardiovascular, immune, hormonal…you name it.

I’ll be kicking off with the topic ‘Your Food & Your Mood’ tomorrow, a 3-part series in itself, as it is such a big topic.

Do you notice that certain foods affect your mood, either negatively or positively? Start to reflect on this, and let me know in the comments over the next couple of days.

Reflection is a great practice for you to bring out your intuitive subconscious thoughts (the good voice in your head) to the surface.

Stay tuned!

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