You. Who are you?

Last night I got to thinking. There’s so much turmoil within us when you don’t really know who you are and where you’re coming from. How do you know where you’re supposed to go? Or are you just clumsily bumping away through life, covering your eyes and hoping for the best?

Yes, I know this sounds more like an existential crisis rather than anything nutrition focused. Just let me land and hear me out. I see a massive link between knowing yourself and your purpose in life and your overall health.

Most of us were born and raised in environments which tried to shape us to become homogeneous, unproblematic, overly accommodating members of society. That way, were easier to control and manipulate. That way, we can more easily fall in line. We are even rewarded for being good little minions to society. We’re told we need to be ‘good people’ and we’re given a clear brief of what being ‘good people’ means. And we’re told HOW we should be good people.

What about our individual psyche? What about our individual upbringing and circumstances? What about what YOU as an individual, have been through? Your needs? When I refer to needs, it’s with regards to how you can be best supported to find your life purpose and best fulfil your potential.

In other words, advice on how to TRULY live your best life. Imagine how great your life experience could be, if your elders actually helped you figure out the answers to these questions, so you can find your innate natural path and calling in this life.

Most people grow up and die never knowing these layers even exist. They continue not fulfilling their life purpose, and just do what ‘society’ expects of them. Why, hello there shame, suppression, frustration, insecurity, self hate, confusion and all the rest of Snow White’s shadow dwarves. I don’t know about you, but that sounds a lot like anxiety and depression.

And here is the link. If you’re living your life according to what you THINK society expects, are you’re experiencing the emotions I just mentioned above, can you really expect to have amazing health? I mean, you’re pretty much living in a constant state of low grade inflammation. If you are overweight or obese, you’re more likely to be suffering from this issue even more, and are finding it difficult to make progress with fat loss.

I have written about how stress affects our health & fat loss here. I have described how your body perceives stress and what it does in response to it here too.

If anything in this post resonates with you, it could mean you’re ready to be awakened to your true life purpose and doing the work necessary to allow you to fulfil your fullest potential. Now is the time to start asking yourself some serious questions. Don’t know where to start? Find yourself a good counsellor.

When you know who you are..and I mean, who you really are, shadow and all, and not what your mum, dad, school, first crush etc told you they expect you to be, not the reactive person who you became as a result of all the bullshit you encountered, then you have finally met your true master. I’m talking about you by the way. The ‘you’ that you finally meet once you start seeking the answers to your questions.

IBS, many autoimmune and in some cases, cancer, can arise from perpetual stress. If one of the biggest silent stressors which you have not yet acknowledged or dealt with yet, is not knowing who you are, you could stand to make some amazing progress just by figuring out this piece of the puzzle.

Are you that person who does everything possible to support your health? Follow the best diet? Eat everything organic? Exercise? Good supplements? Best nutritionist on deck? But plateauing? Hmm…your root issue may lie in stress and your nervous system. While taking ‘something’ for it may help put a plaster on things, it’s not going to free you. You need to do the self reflection and analysis. Get help. Recruit others who are also on their journey, and help each other figure out your puzzles together.

Do you know who you really are?

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  1. I really identify with a lot here and i’ve meditated on that question for a while. I think it really helps. A question I often ask myself when moving forward is: who am i becoming, rather than what it gives me in the moment.

    1. Nour Kader says:

      So glad you retained some value from this post. My intent was to get people to consider reflecting on their own journey. It sounds all very abstract, but it is so important to really understand who your best self is. Even if it is different from who you perceive you are. After all, perception of self can be easily dictated by the surrounding environment and people. And even when people have good intentions towards you, they may not be in a clear position of knowing themselves, which can lead to projection of their own insecurities and confusion….making you think you’re someone who you aren’t at all.
      If you want to dig some more, looking into my astrological north & south node helped a lot. I highly recommend this!

  2. Never heard of them before but I’ll certainly look into this. Thanks so much!

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