Feed Your Bugs the Rainbow for Optimal Health!

I don’t really encourage late night eating as it can disrupt your natural liver detoxification process which usually takes place between 11pm and 1am. It’s best to have finished your last meal at least 3 hours before bed, preferably longer.

But I was absolutely ravenous. So I bargained with myself. I promised me that we’d keep it light, plant based and nourishing, with a variety of different veggies I hadn’t already eaten that day.

It’s really important to remember to eat a wide variety of healthy foods, plant and animal based alike. It’s great that some people love broccoli, rice and blueberries but eating the same kind of food day in day out…well, not only is that boring as hell, but it means your nutrient and biodiversity profile are going to be limited.

There’s a wide spectrum of good bacteria, antioxidants and nutrient profiles out there, all for the taking. Having a diverse profile of each of these really can do wonders for our immune system. Not only because of the nutrient and antioxidant profile, but also because we’re encouraging the growth of a diverse gut bacteria profile. This is really useful because you’re fighting a variety of different pathogens every second on a daily basis.

Sure, your body’s innate immune system is fighting pathogens off for you unbeknown to you. However, these trillions of organisms which compose a large part of our gut, skin, lungs (you name it, they’re there) are the legionnaires of your body. They will fight all sorts of rubbish for you, help you digest your food, absorb and synthesise your nutrients, manage your mood & focus..the list is endless really.

The microbiome likes to be fed (they’re a separate organism to you with their own individual DNA) healthy, nutritious food. Mainly plant based, but not exclusively. Get loads of different coloured veggies on your plate whenever possible. Picture eating a rainbow.

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