Our Rubbish Won’t Be Tolerated in 2020.

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Happy New Gregorian Calendar Year first and foremost. While January 1st does imbue me with a feeling of ‘newness’, I generally consider my birthday as the real mark of the New Year. Afterall, not only am I a co-creator of consciousness, whose philosophy on life is based on the belief that the whole universe revolves around me, and therefore informs my reality, but I am also an Aries.

Nonetheless, I do like to take advantage of the energy wave harnessed by the collective each time there is a ‘new year’ in a culture I relate to. I mean, why not? It is there for the taking! It is an impetus to indulge in practices which involve:

1) releasing and cutting ties with people/situations/behaviours/patterns/energy which do not serve me.

2) reflecting on how I could improve my soul’s encasing (dis bawdy) on a mind/body/spirit level..because not looking after yourself tends to result in operating on autopilot, which I vehemently believe to be one of the biggest reasons why we don’t manifest our dreams and so on.

3) renewing and updating my intentions and relationship with self.

It is so important to keep track of our intentions, and review our motives of why we’re saying/doing something.

This year especially, is the year of not fucking around. There will be no ‘oh I’ll deal with this mess later…just shove it under the bed for now’. This energy has been looming for a couple of months now, and those who are more sensitively inclined will have picked this up at some point October onwards.

This is the year where those of us who truly parent ourselves, with a little bit more emphasis on the fathering type energy, are going to fly. This is the year where those of us who can handle clarity, take action and push ourselves to be the best we can be, manifest abundance. And not just some here today, gone tomorrow type abundance, I’m talking amazing foundations. This can pertain to health, finances, love, social relationships, career and whatever else your heart desires.

This is the year where hard work really pays off, and rewards will be generous. Simultaneously, this is the year where if you are acting from a place of ego, your mirages and illusions will come crashing down on your head and suffocate you.

If you’ve been too comfortable thinking that you’re on a pedestal, looking down at the rest of humanity and judging what you THINK others doing, and believing you’re better than them, this is going to be a very illuminating year for you. This is directed at ALL of us, and is a reminder to check self’s motives.

This is the year where all our fears, vulnerabilities and insecurities are going to be exposed and tested, and the purpose of this is to WORK through them and release them once and for all. Those of us who revert back to ‘fronting’, lying, faking and all sorts of bitchass-ness should know that it is better to choose the path of least resistance and just go with the wave, rather than try to resist it.

Any of you know any Capricorns? These people are usually very organised, pragmatic, methodical, tough, perfectionist and unforgiving. That is what this year is going to be like. They are also very fair and correct, so whatever you sow, you shall indeed reap. Just don’t think you can cheat/charm/bullshit your way around this, do the work and you’ll be fine.

Create better habits for yourself.

What could you do differently? What are you doing which is hindering your growth and holding you back from fulfilling your potential?

In the spirit of being vulnerable, I’ll go first.

1. I have decided no more social lubricating behaviour which involves ‘white lies’, self deprecation and tolerating disrespect from anyone (and I do mean, ANYONE).

2. Practicing restriction by closely examining my motives before I say or do something. Does my decision come from ego/fear? Then I need to NOT do that shit.

3. Dramatically reducing self-sabotaging habits which do not serve my person’s higher good.

I am of course aware that there is a big chance that I could enter a cycle of succeeding and failing, because I am human, and I do have weaknesses. However, the main thing is that the intention to get back up and the ‘why’ has to always be there.

For me, the ‘why’ is to create a better relationship with self, so that I am able to hear my own intuition far more clearly. This in turn will improve my alignment, and positions me perfectly for the effective manifestation of my best possible reality.

Yes, this will be a year of putting in the work, and it will also be the year where we will be in positions where we will be reevaluating a whole lot. We will be getting rid of all sorts of rubbish to make space for abundance, blessings, joy and authenticity. If you don’t decide to do it, trust and believe that the universe WILL do it for you, which could be far more painful.

Embrace the change! Resistance is futile. Just ask a Capricorn 😉

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