Why am I here??

A few years ago, I was ridden with all sorts of gut, immune, energy, detoxification and mood issues. My digestion was a royal M E S S.

What I quickly discovered, is that when your gut is a mess, the rest of your body joins the party. I was constantly tired, bloated irritable, sad, moody, sick and just really fed up (*cue sad violin music here*). Anything I ate would give me symptoms, and I just didn’t feel like my 28 year old sexy self. Let’s not even go into my PMS and adult acne.

What frustrated me was that doctors would tell me nothing was wrong with me, and that most likely it was all in my head. In other words, they told me I was being delusional, and that it was normal to live this way – ‘it is just IBS’, they said. Well, to me, that was a bunch of BS.

Even without knowing much, I knew that I deserved better health and quality of life. So I found another way, through nutritional therapy, and I didn’t look back. I knew I could do better for myself, and I did!

I am not completely symptomless, but my health is much better than it has been for YEARS. My skin is clear, my digestion has progressed by leaps and bounds, and when I am really dialled in with my own diet and exercise, I even forget my period is due.

Now…don’t get me wrong. Doctors and conventional medicine have their place. God forbid, if I ever break something, have a stroke or face any type of acute health problem, there’s not a damn thing I want from a Nutritional Therapist. Get me to a hospital ASAP.

However, in my humble opinion and experience, when it comes to gut issues (the ones which doctors diagnose under the vague term ‘IBS’), you’re better off investigating the root cause, rather than just throwing a variety of pharmaceutical drugs (pain killers, antidepressants) at the symptoms.

You would rather fix a leak and determine why/how it happened, rather than put in a temporary wrap on the pipe, right?? Otherwise, it will just keep going, and now you have the added pleasure of the drug’s side effects (fun).

I am ALL about living your best quality of life, and that is the kind of content I want to share with you.

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Me in my 30s, eating & living healthy VS me in my mid 20s.

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