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Aquarius Season
22nd Jan – 21st Feb

Happy solar return to all the electric and innovative Aquarians out there!

After ultra traditional Capricorn season comes unorthodox, spontaneous, brilliant Aquarius.

Both Aquarius and Capricorn are manifestations of Saturn. One of the qualities which Saturn rules is time.

Capricorn represents the Saturnian facet of institutions, tradition, rank, methodical process, slow movement, the actual elderly, authoritarianism, doing things by the book, power of the few over the many and so on.

Aquarius on the other hand represents spontaneity, unpredictability, rebellion, independence, youthfulness, being ‘weird’, looking at things outside the box, space & the extrm-terristial, science and champions the collective over the 1%.

If you know any Aquarian suns and risings, these people are usually very intelligent and have an eccentric streak in them – or at least stand out from the crowd. They are also usually very forward thinking visionaries. They are good with technology and have a knack for scientific activities.

In astrological health Aquarius rules:

-The region between the knee and ankle

-the circulatory system (with Leo)

-active transport (how minerals get energetically moved in & out of cells)
-oxygen exchange in the cells

-the central nervous system

When Aquarians aren’t being their authentic selves because they feel self conscious about their god given superpower of being different and forward thinking, they can develop some health problems which emanate from a frayed nervous system.

Some of these manifestations can be:

-blood circulation problems

-varicose veins

-cold sweats when they are in fight or flight mode

-sensitivity to atmospheric pressure & electromagnetic frequencies (WiFi, 5G)

-clumsiness/coordination impairment

-spasms & involuntary twitching

-Aspergers (social interaction issues stemming from neurodevelopmental disorder)


-Parkinson’s disease

Of course this also depends on where Aquarius is in the chart, what planets are there, and how it is communicating with other signs.

With Aquarians, it is all about perspective. If they figure out how to literally rewire their circuit and take advantage of their natural skill set, they fly. These people are naturally altruistic and want to use their unique talents to serve mankind.

Because this sign is ruled by Saturn (as well as Modern day mad scientist-like Uranus), just like Capricorns these people can be very hard on themselves and can drown in their own neurosis. They also tell themselves they are not special and have disdain for those who like the limelight (basically, Leos). Even though they secretly want this limelight too, they imprison themselves in this ultra fixed way of seeing attention for one’s self as shameful, and individuality as egotistical.

Aquarian moons in particular have a really hard time trusting their intuition and also asking for help. So if you have any Aquarian loved ones, offer to give them a hand with something in a humble and sincere way – they will always return the favour with deep gratitude.

Even though Aquarius is an air sign, its not the same type of air as Gemini which is flexible and playful, nor is it the temperate type breeze of Libra. Think carbon monoxide or poisonous gas. These guys can be very set in their own thinking, and you won’t convince them something which doesn’t logically add up to them, because they pride themselves on being pragmatic and detached.

One of the most famous Aquarian icons is of a human pouring water from a jug into…well something else. It reminds me of this quantum leap exercise with glasses of water where we are literally pouring from one reality to another (check out a YouTube video on this).

With the new moon in Aquarius coming up around 5.57am UK time/7.47am Egypt time, it may be a great technique you can use to manifest your best possible reality!

Aquarians also remind me of the Atlanteans who were very ahead of us in terms of innovative technology. They taught the Ancient Egyptians how to use electricity and how to build the pyramids (so it is said!)

When I think of Aquarians, the image of that professor from Back To The Future comes to mind (can’t remember his name).

We all have a bit of that going on obviously, just find which house Aquarius sits in your chart and you’ll know which part of your life Aquarius features most prominently in.

Aquarius naturally rules the 11th house, which is the house of friends, networks, the larger community and the internet!

Where do you have Aquarius in your chart? That’s the part of your life where you are the most quirky and open minded!

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