Capricorn – Medical and Psychological Astrology

Capricorn Season
22nd December – 21st January

After the spontaneity, excitement and excess we experience during Sag season, many of us will seek grounding, self discipline and routine.

Enter Capricorn season, where a large population of the world feel inclined to make New Year’s resolutions and pack out the gyms. Suddenly, we want to get back on track and make big strides towards fulfilling our best possible selves.

Capricorn dominant people understand that qualities like perseverance, consistency, self discipline and restraint bring on what they love the most – success and respect.

Many of us love success, power and doing things properly – but not as much as a native Capricorn.

Capricorns place a lot of pressure on themselves and have a lot of expectations from themselves and others.

When they are unconscious or haven’t worked on developing themselves, they can be very fearful, rigid, tyrannical, overly cynical and pessimistic.

When they start accepting and honouring themselves, they become extremely self disciplined, powerful, successful, wealthy and have the utmost integrity.

This Capricorn season we had a few other planets other than the sun ‘chilling’ here (Capricorn’s temperament is renowned for being very cold) like Mercury, Venus and Pluto.

Surfacing themes such as:

-how we express ourselves,
-how we love and deal with relationships (including our relationship with ourselves), finances,
-our boundaries with ourselves & others,
-how we enjoy ourselves/eat/drink,
-our self image,
-how we deal with control & manipulation (make sure you consider how YOU try to manipulate and control situations, individuals & outcomes),
-integrity and performance of governments/large institutions

Because we have also had Venus & Mercury in retrograde, there will have been a lot of RE words concerning these themes.
Reflection, Retrospection, Reconsidering, Renegotiating, Reorganising…you get the drift.

In terms of physiology, Capricorn rules the:


-joints (especially the knees)



-gallbladder (responsible for fat digestion)

-anterior pituitary gland (known as the master gland which controls so many important hormone releasing glands).

People with Capricorn ascendant and sun can have amazing function of these organs if they are living in alignment with their ‘design’. I know some capricorns with amazing skin and hair who never age.

However, when not in alignment, these people can experience health issues such as:
-fat malabsorption + problems with gallbladder & bile production (needed for fats)

-vitamin D + calcium deficiency

-stiffness in the joints (arthritis, rheumatic pains)

-very dry skin, early onset of wrinkles & ageing.

-dry, brittle hair and nails

-gigantism or dwarfism




Capricorn moon individuals often can appear very stoic and cold, because they have a lot of negative self talk from holding themselves and others up to ridiculously high expectations – their consciousness is like an inner slave driver. They can take having boundaries a bit too far and create walls which keep loved ones out, leaving them feeling isolated and depressed.

Capricorn moons especially are the most prone to depression.

The pineal gland of a fearful Capricorn is usually very calcified/stiff. This is due to poor health habits AND lack of spiritual connection.

However, we all have Capricorn somewhere in our charts. If that Capricorn energy isn’t being expressed in a healthy way, we can also be subject to the same afflictions in that area of our life and health.

If you have a Capricorn loved one, make sure you give them lots of genuine compliments so they can embed your positive comments in their psyche – you’ll be doing them a huge favour!

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