Pisces Medical & Psychological Astrology

21st Feb – 20th March

I absolutely love this season! Perhaps it’s because I have a few planets as well as my ascendant in Pisces. I didn’t always love it here, but now that I overstand Piscean superpowers, I absolutely love it!

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, making it the most mature and sensitive. After a season of extremely practical & pragmatic Capricorn, followed by detached and scientific Aquarius, we have gentle and dreamy Pisces season.

If you know any Pisceans, you’ll know these people are very dreamy and ethereal. They tend to be highly spiritual and sensitive to energies – even if they aren’t proactively spiritual or aware of their powers.

Many of these people have been told at some point in their lives to stop daydreaming, and that they’re too sensitive – when these are actually some of their greatest assets and superpowers. These are the manifestation tools which come naturally to Piscean placements (sun, moon, rising, mercury).

The sensitivity + emotion + energy which goes into these fantasies and daydreams can actually manifest into physical reality.

What Pisceans should always check themselves for is being delusional. Are you deceiving yourself about a person or situation?

Other things to watch out for is not having protective boundaries, taking the martyr/victim/saviour role, and my personal favourite – the spiritual Pisces who are so entrenched in their spiritual ego that they start to believe and act like they are more holy and above others, thinking that this denotes humility when in fact it denotes that this is their ego personality. Suffering is often romanticised by these people, which is a possible reason why Pisces and it’s modern ruling planet Neptune rule saints.

These people are very mysterious and have many secrets – similar to Scorpio but with less paranoia and angst. Combine that with their sensitivity, empathy and natural psychic abilities, you can see how this can become a recipe for how to create the perfect psychopath – and fun fact, statistics show that the majority of psychopathic criminals are actually Pisces suns.

Pisces people are so suggestible because they have an inherent difficulty figuring out where their energy ends and where someone else’s energy begins. Cue the energy vampirism, taking on others’ pain, and all that fun stuff.

But what if Pisceans were intentional and strategic about their empathy? They would become the best healers, for themselves as well as mankind. These people need to hear positive affirmations about themselves (while also facing their shadow/dark side), on a regular basis, and be drip fed lots of people encouragement and positivity.

Because Pisceans can adapt so well to everyone and every environment, sometimes they can morph into whomever they are spending a lot of time with, so they can find it hard to see themselves (Pisces and Neptune bring confusion and fog – even to their natives). If you have a Piscean friend or loved one, give them plenty of genuine positive feedback. It has to be genuine, because a Piscean will sense if it’s a lie and lose confidence when people pay them genuine compliments.

Because of this sensitivity, empathic nature and issue of lack of boundaries, Pisceans tend to get physical sickness pretty quickly. Their emotions become ‘things’ and it’s quite often their immune and lymphatic system which get affected.

It’s also the reason why most addictions (especially to alcohol, drugs and food – in that order) are indicated by where Pisces is in the chart. An unaware Pisces is desperate to escape from whatever is not making them feel good and simply connect with the divine. Of course, many won’t know this unless they become steadfast on a spiritual path, so instead they unconsciously search for that union with divinity through intoxication and escapism.

In medical astrology Pisces rules the:


-lymphatic system


-pineal gland

-immune system

Health problems which can occur when a Pisces placement isn’t using their tools as superpowers but instead are unconsciously damaging themselves with are:

-foot problems

-autoimmune disease

-seasonal affective disorder

-low libido

-hyper sensitivity to magnetic fields & radiation (wifi!!)



-viral & fungal infections

-bacterial infections (especially in the gut)

-leaky gut

-chronic fatigue syndrome

-insomnia or narcolepsy

-Alzheimer’s (extreme escapism attempt)

-psychosomatic issues (‘the illness is all in their mind’)

-hard to diagnose health issues (probably because of the above).

Once Pisceans INNERSTAND and OVERSTAND their powers and use them for good and just understand that they are the spiritual mediums of the earth, they can actually live in alignment with their best lives and selves.

When I work with Pisceans I take care to be extra supportive and gentle with them, reminding them of all the wonderful assets they have and things they’ve achieved because quite often they have a Virgo voice in their head telling them they’re not enough. I also remind them that when crazy things are happening to others around them that they have to DETACH and start practicing TACTICAL EMPATHY.

I mean, what good is it if we’re all sitting here crying together because we’re all tuning into the pain, versus creating a healthy boundary so I can put myself in a rational and calm position where I can be of service to you at this time?

It’s also extremely important for Pisceans to work on their health ALWAYS, to solve any underlying health problems as they have a tendency to spread and fester much quicker than with most other signs. A good diet of food and positive energy does wonders for their aura!

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