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Welcome to the New Year!

Every year we start the new astrological year with the Spring Equinox which marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

The spring equinox also marks the start of Aries season. After the dazed lull of Pisces season, Aries comes in with big energy – enough for the whole zodiac!

Aries are known as the pioneers and leaders of the zodiac, and for good reason. 

Aries energy is that massive force required to actually form that first spark to get the fire started.

Aries is the sun’s favourite sign to be in.

Why is this?

If we look at the Book of Genesis from the Old Testament, we can find the words:

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night;”

Aries is that first light. The first fire. The first spark. The entire reason we were able to survive and thrive is because of this pure, Arien energy.

Think about the amount of energy it takes to start a fire, that’s the amount of energy the average Aries sun has (this energy can come as fun, physical energy, love, rage, war, passion….).

By the time Leo season comes around, all the hard work has been done by Aries. Leo can simply bask in the constant glow and all they need to do is maintain it. And by the time Sagittarius season comes around, the fire starts to increase and spread like forest fire. This is the energy which allows the fire to spread wide and far, like knowledge in distant lands (very Sag!).

So the sun is sympathetic to Aries, and Aries takes the sun’s energy and fire perfectly. It knows just what to do with it.

Aries season is usually a GREAT time for people’s healths as we are all blessed by this sign’s amazing vitality.

If you want something, make like an Aries and go get it. Aries will help you during his season!

Aries are natural manifestors because they naturally apply passion + energy + action to whatever they want to achieve.

From a health perspective, these natives are naturally quite strong and healthy.

if they are living in alignment with their sun, they tend to be drawn to athletic pursuits because they love their bodies and also need to find a constructive outlet for their dynamic energy and competitiveness. 

the wiser Arien knows it’s always about competing with themselves rather than others!

The sun loves to be in Aries, even more than it does to be in Leo. This is because the qualities of the sun are positively highlighted in the vibrant, confident, fun loving, fearless Aries.

People with an Aries sun have excellent vitality and immune function. They are prone to experiencing short bouts of acute inflammation and accidents, but have an amazing ability to quickly recover.

Because Aries have so much drive, passion and energy, if this is misdirected the consequences can be chaotic.

If you have your sun, Mars, Ascendant, Midheaven or 6th house in Aries, you really need to find constructive outlets for your energy.

Suppressing and denying these energies to make others feel happy/comfortable WILL lead to dis-ease of the mind, body and soul.

People with the placements mentioned may be more prone to:

  • headaches, 
  • acne, 
  • stress/adrenal imbalance, 
  • iron deficiency OR overload,
  • high blood pressure,
  • depression,
  • accidents (especially in the face/head region).
  • Autoimmunity

However these imbalances can be avoided if Ariens lean into their emotions and express them in constructive ways, rather than holding them in. 

Scream into a pillow, go for a run, take up boxing, lift some heavy weights (under supervision), indulge yourself in person centred therapy.

Whatever you do, don’t fight against yourself.

When these feelings are held in, they can become directed inwardly which can negatively interfere with the organs at hand and manifest as autoimmunity.

While Aries folk appear very tough and confident on the outside (which we are!), they also possess a very soft inside. 

These people are very sensitive and are big kids at heart who value fun, loyalty, authenticity & spontaneity.

Everyone has Aries energy somewhere in their chart.

Everytime the sun moves into a new sign, you can expect this area of your life to become more illuminated.

To know how Aries season will affect you (and your health!), have a look at where it is in your chart.

What planets are there? 

Which house is it in?

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