Taurus Medical and Psychological Astrology

April 21st – May 20th

The sun is in one of the most sensual and decadent signs of the zodiac. Taurus is also the sign most associated with the earth and being grounded.

It is known as a slow moving sign. This means that Taurean natives (sun, moon and risings) are quite possibly the most stubborn humans to ever walk this earth. Even planets which move through Taurus take a longer time because the energy is ‘fixed’.

These people love their food, luxury, animals, wine, plants and spend a lot of time in nature. Don’t ever try to rush a Taurus, these people really like to take their time with things. They are extremely grounded and in touch with their divine feminine energy, which makes them very creative and sensual. They generally have strong health without even trying too hard and are of a stocky or strong consitution.

However, if they are not vibrating on a high frequency, these people can be highly materialistic and too practical, focusing on only the tangible things in life. They DO NOT like to share and they can have a really hard time letting things (both tangible and non-tangible) things go. Please never use a Taurean’s stuff without explicitly asking for their permission first, it’s really not worth the petty passive aggressive war they’re going to start with you. They can also have a really hard time with self discipline when it comes to pleasures of the body.

On a high frequency manifestation, these people are fertile with creativity and love to create things of beauty. They eat high quality, clean foods and really see their body as their temple. They love to nurture others and are usually talented in the kitchen and will want to treat you to a sensational meal at their immaculate home. Just please don’t get anything dirty and make sure you show your appreciation.

Taurus season is a time when we are all called to spend more time in nature and around animals. In today’s modern society both men and women spend a lot of time in artificial blue light, indoors, and being in a very masculine headspace. Spending time time in nature is the medicine for balancing out our masculine and feminine energies.

Being in a ‘yang’ or masculine dominant energy entails making things happen, initiating action and projecting your energy outwards. Being in a ‘yin’ or feminine energy state entails being receptive (seeing what the universe has in store), going with the flow, trusting in your intuition and directing your energy inwards/exploring your inner world.

Taurus season reminds us to slow down and nurture ourselves and really relax, rest and get grounded. This is really important generally for our central nervous system (which impacts EVERY facet of our health, from cognition/mood, digestion, immune function, hormones, you name it). Especially since it sandwiched between Aries season which is high energy and very yang, and Gemini season which is very dynamic and can make our mind go 100 miles per hour.

This year, the collective North Node and Uranus are parked up in Taurus, meaning that we can expect huge shifts in themes surrounding the earth’s environment, food supply and how/where we get our food from, sustainability and our ability to generate food and energy, our diet, land ownership, financial systems, our thoughts regarding possession and ownership and releasing traumas fears, self sabotage and controlling behaviours which are not serving us. We can also expect to continue seeing themes surrounding artificial intelligence replacing or interfering with nature in some way and DEFINITELY big changes regarding the earth’s electromagnetic shield (solar flares, coronal mass injections, cosmic energies coming in from space).

Each time we have an eclipse this year, enter into Taurus or Scorpio season, and have any new or full moons in Taurus and Scorpio, these themes will become even more activated. Always look at where Taurus and Scorpio are in your chart to get an idea of which area of your life will be effected. If you have planets in these signs, expect to feel the effects more strongly.

In medical astrology Taurus rules the:





-Middle ear

-Medulla Oblongata (controls swallowing, taste, breathing, heart function, digestion, upper back and neck muscles, and tongue movement.)

When someone is not honouring the Taurus aspect of their natal chart, or simply living in low frequency (particularly if Taurus sun, rising, moon or Taurus is in the 6th or 12th house, or ascendant ruler is in Taurus), these people can experience:

-Throat, ear and tonsil problems

-Neck problems

-Thyroid problems (I see this often in practice)

-Heart conditions (usually due to overindulgence)

-Tumor formations

Do you want to know more about the North Node In Taurus? I wrote a post about it a while ago titled ‘Collective North Node in Taurus: A New Earth

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