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On the 22nd of December the collective North Node moved from Gemini to Taurus, and the south node from Sagittarius to Scorpio.

From mid 2020, there’s been a lot of focus on themes such as staying local (Gemini) vs long term travel (Sag). 

Learning (sag)/communicating/working from home (Gemini) via our technologically advanced tools instead of travelling to work (sag). 

We’ve been talking a lot about a fast spreading  and highly infectious (Sag) respiratory disease virus (Gemini) which can affect our breathing/lungs (gemini). 

I could go on.

From the end of December, the nodes of the moon are now in a very transformative pair of signs, which are both concerned possessions. Taurus with eating and acquiring possessions, Scorpio about eliminating (pooping) and releasing.

The NN in Taurus means that we are being collectively called to pay more attention to the tangible aspects of our world. 

Environment, food, health, land, things of real value (because unfortunately money isn’t really backed by anything solid anymore, just collectively agreed concepts). 

We may also see a lot more female empowerment/healing and the importance of divine feminine energy. There may be a prevalence of women’s health issues – and subsequently a new cure which could come in the form of a natural remedy as well as a lab based one. 

There may also be a lot of destruction. The way we know the world and the habits we have may be forced to change to become more sustainable. We may have to let go of a lot of concepts and behaviours we are comfortable in – like being able to buy whatever we want, whenever we want from the supermarket.

A lot of astrologers have been speculating that food supply shortages will be very common over the next 18 months. In light of this, I really wanted to make sure I learn how to plant my own vegetables and fruit so that if these prophecies do become fulfilled, I can ensure I won’t go hungry.

Knowing how to grow your food, raise animals, slaughter & prepare/clean your animal products and cook will become some of your most important skills in this new world.

Another way I interpret this nodal change is that we may be coerced into eating completely fake/lab made food, relying on nutrient pills, living in artificial light and air condition because for some reason, the things we take for granted now are no longer available to us (according to our controlling governments 😆). For the other astro nerds out there, this is because Uranus (AI, scientific experiments, breakthroughs, artificiality, weird, innovative, space/out of earth, technological) is still in Taurus (Earth, land, soil, environment, health, body, food).

If you find my interpretation absurd, I highly recommend you watch The Island, starring Ewan McGregor & Scarlett Johansson.

So the bottom line is: from today onwards, do what you can to become more ‘liberated’ from the system as possible. 

Always buying ready made food? Learn how to cook 3 of your favourite meals.

Learn how to plant the main seasonal fruit, veg & herbs to your local region. 

Learn how to make compost and to identify what is considered nutrient dense soil.

Learn how to raise chickens, livestock or whatever it is that you want to maintain in your diet. This means, if you’re a meat eater, you’re going to have to connect with the slaughtering, cleaning and preparing process (believe me, I am going to do this too).

Learn how to find water (learn how to douse to find water sources in the ground!). Learn how to purify it.

Yes, this is all overwhelming for me too – but start a little bit today, and you’ll be surprised how much you would have learned by the time the NN switches to Aries around May 2023.

What’s the easiest thing you can start planting today? I had limited success with mint, basil, oregano, thyme & rosemary when I was in my London apartment.

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