Did Gemini Season x All the Eclipses Do a Number on your Nervous System?

Were you feeling hyper or struggling to get some sleep during Gemini season?

Well, you definitely weren’t alone.

I’ve written about some great tools to help us navigate through Gemini seasons health and psychological themes (click here and here to know more)

I find it really helps ground me when I can detach from intrusive or unhelpful thoughts, and know that I don’t have to emotionally attach or entertain every single thought which crosses my mind.

I also find certain foods, herbs, supplements and practices can help keep the brain and the nervous system calm during this very mentally stimulating time.

Being present helps us connect with our intuition – something which some people struggle with a bit more during this ‘mind led’ time.

Gemini season can be really fun and lively, depending on what’s being activated in your personal chart and how you decide to channel this quickly changeable energy!

In case that wasn’t stimulatory enough, we also had a fateful and potential life-path altering duo of eclipses in Sagittarius and Gemini – all while Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) was doing his backwards waltz (Mercury retrograde) throughout the entire Gemini season…phewph!

If this doesn’t embody Gemini’s mentally busy and multitasking nature, I don’t know what does!

Of course, all this may have impacted your health – specifically the nervous system. To know how this may have impacted your health and psyche, click here and here.

I’ve also created a very simple healthy recipe which can help balance out your nervous system by stimulating the release of calming neurotransmitters aka chemical messengers (also ruled by Mercury!) here.

Want to get a personalised understanding of how these events apply to your health and psyche?

Find out more and book in with me here

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