Do you know an intuitive/psychic, formally trained nutritional therapist who can practice medical astrology too? I do. Me.

I’m a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, so it is no surprise that I have a strong passion for all things concerning holistic healing.

I overstand the importance of the functional medicine model, which seeks to investigate the root cause of people’s presenting ailments. Symptoms are important, but they are simply a manifestation of an underlying imbalance at a root level.

At the start of my journey, I only considered physical imbalances. For example; not getting enough sleep can cause a sluggish liver. A sluggish liver can compromise the body’s ability to get rid of toxins and burn body fat. This in turn can give way to developing type 2 diabetes, IBS, bacterial imbalance etc.

This could likely manifest as: constipation, acne, anxiety, bloating, fat loss resistance, food sensitivities…there are many more.

By the middle of my journey, I realised that it usually isn’t as much about the physical, as it is about the psychological. Our nervous systems play a massive role in pathogenesis (disease development). I became astutely aware that stress, fear, doubt, lack of trust, unhappiness and unresolved traumas were usually the real perpetrators behind physiological imbalance, not the fact that we may or may not have had 10 bags of crisps yesterday. The eating of the 10 bags of crisps is simply a manifestation of imbalanced mental health – i.e neurotransmitter imbalance.

For example, a person may be given an amazing nutrition and supplement protocol to tackle ‘x’. They may also have stellar compliance, and resolve some of the symptoms which they were unhappy with. However, if they are still perpetually stressed/unhappy/anxious, they will usually never really solve the root problem, resulting in the symptoms coming back or manifesting in different ways.

So, if you follow the example above, this person supposedly became ‘super healthy’ and swapped 10 bags of crisps for 10 hours of social media a day, because they haven’t fixed the root problem (which is probably a dopamine deficiency by the way).

I was happy with this, and I thought I could just stop there. But in fact, I couldn’t ignore that there was even more to the equation.

I became aware that certain personalities seemed to suffer from similar types of events and health imbalances in their lives. I could see and sense things about people intuitively without meaning to, and even ‘feel out’ where their underlying imbalances lay. It started off as a thing where I could feel their energy, what they’re trying to put out, what they’re not wanting to put out, are they sincere, are they fronting, etc. I then sensed where those feelings manifest physically in their body, but in my own body and that gave me an intuition as to where their imbalances are located. Kidneys? Heart? Stomach?

What you may not know is that since childhood, I have been able to perform tarot readings using playing cards (with absolutely no guidance or knowledge). My own family members were shocked by my level of intuition and accuracy, and had no idea as to how I was finding out concealed adult information about my first ‘clients’.

I have always kept this gift but didn’t cultivate or think about it again until the last few years. Even then, I didn’t fully integrate it into my life because I doubted my abilities.

The thing is, when you have been blessed with such gifts, the universe finds a way of cornering you into using them – whether you feel ready or not (it’s easier when you don’t resist).

In 2019 and 2020, I spent a large portion of my free time diving into the world of astrology. Again, as a child, I remember spending a considerable proportion of my pocket money on books about Ancient Egypt, and anything to do with the zodiac. I was instinctively drawn to such topics like a moth to a flame.

I had an insatiable appetite to find out more about who I am, what I was in a previous life, and what my mission in this lifetime is. After learning everything I could, and practicing my skills on anyone who would give me the time of day, I became more and more proficient in reading birth charts. I also found myself spontaneously receiving thoughts about whoever I was reading for, and I had no idea where this was coming from. I also noticed I would experience physical sensations while I was receiving these thoughts.

At first, I hadn’t really given these sensations much thought, because I was still finding it hard to trust myself. It was only after improving my relationship with myself and diving deeper into my own inner being that I learnt these sensations were actually cues that I was channelling messages and information to my readers. Information that I could have never been privy to. Where and who was I channelling messages from? My spirit guides? Their spirit guides? The divine? Collective consciousness? My intuition? A bit of all the above is probably the correct answer.

I really enjoyed being able to provide this experience for others, as well as myself, and had an epiphany;

“What if, I could utilise these skills to help me alongside my nutritional therapy skills? What if, I could use my intuition/spiritual guidance to help me investigate the root cause of people’s health imbalances, and figure out the missing piece to their treatment plan puzzle?”

Of course, this is not an activity which can be used to diagnose diseases, nor am I qualified to do so even under my title as a Nutritional Therapist. However, I have found that it gives me many clues as to how the person in question may have developed their disease, what organs to look at, and what types of psycho-behavioural tendencies and attitudes they have. Having this information can also give me clues as to HOW to work with each client individually. This basically adds a deeper level of customisation to my personalised health plans.

I decided to delve into the world of medical astrology, which was standardly practiced by physicians until the 18th century. I can now determine where someone is prone to inflammation, sluggishness, overactivity and so forth, in what region of their body, and most importantly, I can mentally run up a few differential diagnosis scenarios as to why this is happening. Even issues like karmic manifestations can become apparent using this system, especially so in conjunction with intuition. It can certainly help direct the line of evidence based clinical investigations.

I can also identify the best suited therapies and remedies using a combination of my ‘spiritual’ tools and my formal scientific skill set.

In case that isn’t impressive enough, I can also predict how planetary events, such as Mercury retrograde, can impact someone’s health and in what way, based on reading their chart from a medical astrology perspective.

Finally, I can now intuitively identify which planets and signs rule what part of a person’s chart before even seeing it – and that is based on what their health, physical appearance and personality is telling me.

Who said that science and spirit can’t come together!?

Would you want to get a medical astrology reading? And would you want it considered if you were getting a personalised nutritional health plan?

I’d love to know your thoughts!

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Intro to medical astrology, birth charts and understanding the energy of each sign.

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