The kingdom of heaven is already within you

The kingdom of heaven is already within you.

What does your best self look like?

What does your best health feel like?

What does your best body move like?

What does your best life manifest as?

You’ve thought about all these things before. They are in your vortex (subconscious).

You’ve probably thought about a lot of shitty things too, and even said:

“I knew things were going to end up like this/go badly/etc”

That’s ok. In fact, take power from that because you’re demonstrating to yourself that you were able to speak things into existence.

How do you speak to yourself in your head?

Are you kind?

Are you giving yourself space to detach from the traumas you have experienced, and believe you are very capable of projecting your best possible experience in your current reality?

You are always your best you, when you connect with that ‘best you’ energy.

And this is the key to good health and a good quality of life.I’m so excited to continue pulling out the contents of my vortex.

What’s in your vortex? What’s in your heaven? It’s already yours, claim it with your whole being, and watch the universe do it’s work.

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