Full Moon in Scorpio 2021

This is the brightest full moon of the year so far. Add the intensity of Scorpionic energy into the mix, and you’ve got intensity with a side of intensity.

This is truly a culmination point, all about endings. Picture the spirit of the death card in tarot.

What were you doing around the new moon in Scorpio in mid November 2020?

What life themes were prominent in your life at that time?

Have you progressed?

Have you understood?

Have you reflected?

Have you healed?

It’s time to release it now – for good.

The modern day ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, which has just gone retrograde (moving backwards), so this will drive the intensity up even further.

Be conscious that old patterns of behaviour and old issues don’t find a way of subconsciously creeping back into your life.

Keep up the work you’ve done and watch your thoughts and actions diligently.

Scorpionic themes: transformation, healing, death, rebirth, sex, taboo, the occult, subconscious and unconscious mind, obsession, the veil between the material and spiritual world and spying.

In medical astrology, Scorpio rules the excretory organs, hormone function, DNA & RNA, poisons & toxins, insulin and medicines.

Perhaps this is a time where one can dive into their consciousness and uncover those pains which seem to manifest and be projected into our everyday experiences.

Keep meeting the same asshole archetype type of person? It’s not them, it’s you. You need to change your behavioural and thought patterns to stop emitting that frequency which is attracting these same people & situations into your life.

I’m going to be using today to set my intentions on releasing various karmic contracts which no longer serve me.

I’ll do this by engaging in:

-an Epsom salt bath,

-an easy to digest, animal free diet,

-reflecting on what’s keeping me from experiencing my best reality,

-speaking out what I wish to release,

-reflecting on what was on the forefront of my life in November 2020

One of my secret releasing ritual tips:

I affirm that with each time I:

excrete bodily fluids,

release an out breath,

burn body fat,

get a wink of sleep,

cut my hair,

shed old skin cells,

turnover new internal cells,

I’m releasing traces of the old me which don’t serve my greatest possible reality and alignment.

I am the most powerful player in my life, and I’m the co-creator of my reality.

By removing that which blocks and obstructs my success across board, I make space for __(insert what you want here)___

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