Taurus Season – Medical Astrology

Welcome to Taurus Season!

With each astrological month, we are drawn to focus on certain themes which are connected to the sign in question, their ruling planet, and the astrological house they naturally rule in the birth chart.

In this post I will be focusing mainly on the health themes associated with Taurus.

1. Watch what you eat.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus can make us more tempted to indulge in palatable foods.

If you’re not conscious, this can lead to some annoying consequences like heartburn, indigestion, digestive upset, bowel problems and a whole Pandora’s box of inflammatory based imbalances.

Take control and please Venus by eating plenty of healthy, organic, delicious home made meals.

Infuse love & creativity to make your meals fit for a goddess/god.

Result: enjoyable, delectable foods which nourish & beautify you.

2. Engage in some kind of physical activity, at least 5 days of the week.

A Venusian influence can result in high blood sugar levels and loose muscle tone.

While some people may not mind the aesthetics of this, the health implications are not good for ANYONE.

Lax muscle tone INTERNALLY can result in bacterial infections in the smaller and larger intestines, causing constipation/diarrhoea/IBS type symptoms, and much more.

Make sure it’s a type of exercise which gets your heart rate going AND keeps you feeling happy.

Venus doesn’t support you when you do things you really don’t enjoy, and can rebel against you by making you want to mindlessly snack 😉

3. Watch out for your dental health.

While teeth are technically ruled by Saturn, Taurus also plays a part in dental health in a few ways.

Taurus rules the inside & outside the mouth 👄

We also already established that Taurus can rule what we eat/drink.

It also rules sugary/carby foods.

So consider what kinds of things you’re exposing your teeth & gums to, and how you’re caring for them.

Are you brushing your teeth before bed?

Are you flossing your teeth daily to remove trapped food debris, which becomes rotten bacteria over time?

Remember, brushing and mouth washing won’t dislodge food stuck in between your teeth.

Fermenting/rotting bacteria in the mouth not only can cause bad breath and tooth/gum problems, it can also cause heart & gut health problems by transporting said bacteria to these areas.

To the heart through the veins connected to the teeth, and to the gut via the digestive pathway.

4. Keep on top of your throat and neck area

Taurus also rules the throat & neck area.

This also includes the thyroid gland, so that’s another reason to watch what you feed yourself this month – you don’t want to push the thyroid out of balance.

Many of us experienced sore throats and/or sore necks back at the end of December till early February 2021 when Mars entered Taurus.

Make sure you’re not sleeping in funny positions, and keep that neck nice and supple by mobilising and stretching it.

Check out @omar.body.coach morning classes for neck help!

For a happy throat, avoid freezing cold drinks and opt for room temperature or slightly cooler.

Remember to keep your throat hydrated.

Drinking lemongrass & ginger, ginger & lemon, and chamomile tea can all help soothe a sore throat.

This is also a great time to get into SINGING joyfully to free that throat chakra and heart chakra (also ruled by Taurus)! Singing also contributes to maintaining strong internal muscle tone in the vagal nerve, which is responsible for good digestive & bowel health.

To help clear your throat & sinuses, perform a warm water + sea salt gargle every night before bed – watch miracles happen!

5. Remember to ground yourself.

Taurus is inherently a very grounded sign.

It is the first Earth sign in the zodiac and is intrinsically a very materialistic sign and can be slightly caught up in the superficial.

This is a great time for looking after our finances and material matters.

However, Taurus energy can also manifest as being over possessive and anxious/distrustful.

This can mess up our whole chakra system and take us out of alignment.

Take advantage of the spring season by meditating in nature, and practicing grounding techniques.

Grounding keeps us from being too caught up in our ‘brain’ and connects us to the earth as well as to our inner being/intuition.

We’ll discuss more Taurean themes as the season goes on.

However, first let’s discuss the impending full moon in Scorpio taking place on Tuesday 27th April at:

4.32am 🇬🇧 time

5.31am 🇪🇬 time

This is going to be a spicy and intense one.

Don’t plan anything hectic, and stay away from people who normally trigger you!

Monday & Tuesday will be great days to perform a liquid fast/water fast.

Post coming tomorrow 🔥

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