Time is a healer (not)

Woe to all who think time is a healer.

Time is completely a social construct.

Let me explain.

If you stay in the same mindset, doing things in the same way, you’re not progressing – you’re staying stagnant.

Yes, you’re closer to death, but your mind and reasoning hasn’t evolved since you were….what, 5 years old?

That’s where we see the emergence of conditions like narcissism, borderline personality disorder – not to mention physiological chronic disease.

Incidentally, do you know which astrological planet rules ‘time’?

Father Time = Saturn.


Aka headmaster/strict father figure energy.

Also, the same planet which rules restrictions, duty, responsibility, work and KARMA.

So now, let’s look at this stupid saying ‘time heals all’.

No Karen, it does not.

It’s what we DO and where we go in our selves which heals all.

Because quite frankly, you don’t want Saturn to bitch slap you into your next lifetime, because you didn’t do the work, duty, responsibility stuff.

The good news is, Saturn actually rewards us when we take care of business.

So I guess, if you do what you need to do, then time (Saturn) does heal all! But not if you’re just sitting on your ass, and shoving your issues under the bed.

(Can you tell I’m having my Saturn protection year 😄)

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