What I’ve been up to…

Happy New Year…even though for an astrologer, the new year really starts on March 21st with the Spring Equinox!

Hey everyone!

You may have noticed I haven’t really posted any astro stuff in the past couple of weeks…that is because I have been off and living my best life.

I talk about the importance of switching off and giving ourselves plenty of downtime, so that we avoid burning out.
After all, it’s better to take time out and enjoy it, rather than take time out because your physical and mental health is on the rocks because you’ve been ignoring your body’s cues for rest.

During the time I had off, I reconnected with some amazing friends in Cairo, some of who I haven’t seen in ages 🙂

Without consciously realising, I was getting up to all sorts of Jupiter in Pisces types of activities (spirituality, mysticism, occultism, recovery, healing).

I took myself to many ancient Egyptian sites, and charged myself up in various pyramids (if any of my Cairo friends want to arrange a spiritual tour of the pyramids, let me know so we can set something up with a recommended guide!)

I learned that being OUTSIDE the pyramid has amazing healing and energetically charging benefits, while being INSIDE can feel rather dense…unless you’re able to get to the very apex point, which is very charging.

I encountered many magickal moments by the pyramids, especially at the Dahshour site where I was gifted a few special items – I also encountered a shit load of bats in the Maydoum pyramids. Not my fave moment!

I learned that when Egyptian staff say ‘ma shrebnash shay’ (we didn’t drink tea together), they’re not talking about tea. I now know what that means. If you want to know too, msg me!

My partner and I adopted a beautiful lil girl cat and she is giving me so much LOLs and laughs. I have Jupiter in my 12th house at the moment, and I believe Cookie (the name Omar gave her) has been sent here to help me out. Cats are such spiritually ascended beings. They choose their owners (she literally chose us while we were visiting friends at a compound called Dreamland !). They come to do magickal work with us, protect us in the astral/spiritual planes and teach us how to love ourselves more.

Anyway. That is my update, I wish you all a fabulous 2022 – it’s going to be very different

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