Is Your North Node in Taurus?

Quantum leap into your best life!

The north node is the point in everyone’s chart which we can consider our personal compass towards self actualisation. The more you are aligned with your north node, the more you are fulfilling your soul’s purpose and will experience joy, abundance, success and inner peace.

What I’m discussing in the next post is the collective north node, which will be affecting EVERYBODY on a personal level.

To find out how it will affect you, look for where Taurus is in your chart.

Which house is it in?

What planets do you have in Taurus?

If your personal north node is actually in Taurus too, then this is going to be a very exciting year and a half for you!

Expect plenty of healing and swift course correction. This means, if your life is going in a direction which isn’t meant for you, you will experience disruptions & endings – to put you on the best path for you!

This also extends to to Taurus risings and suns to a slightly lesser degree (but still very transformative!)

My advice would be to pay attention to what the universe is trying to show you.

Listen to your intuition, don’t resist the changes, and prepare for a new lease of life.

When we have a nodal return, this can signify that you’re finally going to achieve a massive healing in an area which you may have been struggling in for some time. In the sign of Taurus, I predict this will mean physical healing as well as healing of your self esteem and how we value ourself.

Check out my next post to see what I predict for the collective over the next 16-18 months.

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