New moon in Aries – How to effectively channel this new moon’s manifestation powers

The new moon in Aries is taking place on

12/04/2021 at 3.31am GMT.

Are you ready to action out your desires?

New moons are always about new starts and planting new seeds of things you want to manifest.

Whichever sign the new moon is in, informs us of how to best connect with this energy, and how to align our manifestation ritual accordingly.

While the new moon in Pisces is all about manifesting realities through dreaming, meditating, going within, being passive to the universe and using your intuition to pick up on the messages from the divine…

This is not at ALL how to do things for an Aries new moon.

Aries energy is all about being a badass, and making sure everyone knows it.

It’s all about action, doing, and it doesn’t give 2 salad tosses about what anyone else feels or thinks about it.

It’s very singular, tunnel visioned energy.

Think of that energy which is released when you strike a match, or watch something burst into flames.

That’s Aries 🔥

The best way to utilise the manifestation powers of an Aries new moon are to actually throw yourself directly into whatever it is you’re intending on bringing into your life.

Start the action now, the cascade of events to follow will be in alignment with your goal/dream.

Want to start that new creative project?

Start that new fat loss/health/muscle building/endurance building routine?

Finally imitate that new business idea which has been inspiring you for days/weeks/months?

Redraw your boundaries with someone/a job/how you talk to yourself etc?


Aries new moon energy gives you that windfall of energy to physically manifest.

To know which area of your life the Aries new moon is going to be activating, drop me a picture of your natal chart!

For details on your health aspects and a full chart reading, email me at to book in for a reading.

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