Phoenix Rising Koop

Thank you for waiting for me!

End of June to mid July was a very stressful time for Nourie. I found myself completely spent, and have been slowly but surely filling up my cup.

One could say, a new improved Me is emerging from the ashes! While my energy is still not all the way back up, it’s all going in the right direction, and I feel more powerful and empowered than ever before.

Adversity is just like strength training. Harder work, but much bigger gains.

Apart from doing lots of continued professional development courses in Nutritional Therapy, I’ve also been studying medical astrology and harnessing my intuitive psychic skills with the help of my favourite shamanic healer.

It is absolutely fascinating yet very logical to pair health/healing & astrology, and in fact this used to be a common practice in Europe till the 17th century.

I’m thinking of doing some free mini medical astrology readings soon on my Instagram live.

Are you interested in having one?

If so, add me on Instagram @lux_nutrition_london

drop me a DM with your:
-date of birth
-time of birth
-place of birth

And we’ll arrange a time and date!

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