80/20 Compromise!

Just because I wanted a burger, doesn’t mean I’ve got to throw my whole healthy eating routine out the window.

That’s what binge eating is about, and I’m adamantly working on removing shame while instilling accountability around my eating habits.

This weekend I had a naked burger served on lettuce & tomatoes, lots of English mustard to help raise my stomach acid levels (to help me digest the protein & fat content). I had 1 slice of Monterey cheese on it.

As you can see, my plate is littered with leaves, pickled pink cabbage, avocado and steamed baby cauliflower.


Did you know:

-eating half an avocado can help reduce the inflammation levels which are associated with eating a fatty meal, like a burger?

-skipping the cheese if you know you have a hard time breaking down fat could help your digestion of such a meal?

-eating a serving of cruciferous vegetables (the baby cauliflower & pickled cabbage) helps provide a source of fibre, and also serves to help bind with & remove toxins from your body?

-not pairing your burger with a bun, fries or other stodgy foods helps your digestive system break down the fat and protein better, resulting in less bloating/digestive upset?

-skipping dessert after a meal like this is a good idea, because burger patties are relatively heavy duty on the digestive system and take lots of time to exit the stomach. Adding in more foods while your stomach is full and doing its mechanical and chemical job of breaking things down can cause heartburn or indigestion.

-chewing your meat EXTRA well (minimum 15 bites per mouthful) can be the difference between you not experiencing bloating & heaviness and a big pregnant looking belly.

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