How I Got Rid of Adult Cystic Acne – For Good. Without Medication.

Not bad for a gal who developed adult cystic acne at 25 for almost 5 years!

When I was 25, I got struck by aggressive cystic acne. At the time, I thought it was out of the blue. In my informed retrospective vision, it was not at all random.

I had been a regular smoker, I was on the heartbreak diet (basically, minimal calorie intake, and WHAT nutrients??), I wasn’t sleeping very well, and I always felt stressed.

In nutritional therapy terms: I was highly toxic, malnourished, my immune system was compromised, my blood sugar levels must have been all over the gaf, and I’m pretty sure my cortisol (stress hormone) and testosterone levels were too high.

The downstream effects of all the above can also be damaging the gut, liver and microbiome (bacterial environment of my body).

I was put on birth control by the GP, which didn’t work and just made me put on weight, constantly feel tired, swollen and emotional. Basically I felt pregnant 😄

I was then put on 500mg antibiotics daily – for a year. This did help more, but still, it didn’t make it go away. I noticed my gut wasn’t happy now too.

Fast forward to my 31st birthday, where I had been on a strict nutritional therapy protocol of eating:

-non-inflammatory foods,
-low glycaemic index foods (no honey and no fruit for several months),
-organic & non processed food,

And my acne was GONE. Not only that, but I also dropped some stubborn body fat which I had been struggling with for years.

I looked 5 years younger – kinda like I had picked up where I left off before the acne 😃

I’m glad to say, apart from some light wrinkling (I am a sun worshipper, and 33), my skin is still in fabulous condition – without having to be as strict with my diet.

I’m very passionate about working with women who experience health issues which affects how they feel about their aesthetic. I completely empathise with you, and I know how to get us out of that space.

If you want to work with me to help you getting into your best looking, feeling, functioning future self, drop me a message!

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