Taurus Teachings

I dimmed light and downplayed myself for years because I’d get a lot of hate (mainly from women), unprovoked. I thought if I made my light dimmer, it would show those who were hating on me that I wasn’t deserving of that hate, and that I wasn’t perfect.

It didn’t work FYI, those people continued to hate AND I started to hate myself for being ‘weak’ and giving away my own power. I focused on all my flaws and blamed myself for all the hate I received.

The worst part was I lost my self respect in the process. I also felt like I didn’t know who my authentic self was.

When haters see that you don’t see your own light and play small, they take advantage and try to really make you feel powerless.

If anyone reading this is playing small in order to be ‘humble’, please learn from my mistake.

It took me years and plenty of painful/scary experiences (and lots of loving support) to build myself back.

Humility is being able to be detached enough to see how awesome you are. Don’t let your ego hang ups about yourself devalue who you are. Take your ego out of it completely.

Remember, there are people waiting to prey on those who don’t recognise their own worth.

Know what you bring to every table, and bring your best foot forward ALWAYS.

People who don’t have a full cup or have a feeling/mentality of lack always want to destroy those who they sense have a full cup. Not necessarily because they want what’s in your cup, but so you can become powerless and miserable like them.

Just because someone projects how they feel about themselves onto you, doesn’t mean you have to wear their projection. Leave them to poison themselves, don’t drink from their KoolAid.

Taurus season is always a great time to review how you value yourself and what you value. Don’t take any shit.

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