The Best Days for Your Workout According to Astrology

Each day of the week is ruled by a different traditional planetary ruler (this means modern planets like Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are excluded). Each planet is associated with different parts of the body and has a different energetic influence/action on us.

When we move in flow with the energies of these planets we receive support from these planetary bodies. On the contrary, when we engage in activities which aren’t in alignment with the energies of that day’s planetary ruler, we can face a degree of resistance.

Monday AKA Moon-day/Luna’s day

The moon is one of the quintessential personifications of yin/divine feminine energy. It also deals with our emotions and subconscious, therefore something to nurture our nervous system works great here. It is known as being a moist planet, so spending time in water or by water bodies can be very healing particularly on Mondays.

Some great options are:

-Yin yoga

-Yoga Nidra or Restorative Yoga

-Hatha yoga


-Walking in nature

-Any type of gentle mobility training

Also, myofascial release and all types of medium pressure massage, lymphatic drainage and Epsom salt baths are great on Mondays. Meditations and chanting are favourable here too.

Tuesday AKA Mars-day

Mars is a planet associated with heat, force, strategy, courage, confidence, danger, pressure, combat, violence, athleticism and pushing the limit (my ruling planet, YAY!). This is THE day for any high impact and endurance/stamina workouts. Beware of taking pre-workouts and overdoing it on caffeine on stimulants on this day; Mars rules the head and the adrenal glands. Make sure you don’t rush into anything before you’re ready so you don’t end up with headaches, head/facial injuries. Cool off with a cool shower after your workout if you can! This is also a great day to get tatted up 😉

-Any type of martial arts training
-Any type of competitive sports



-Crossfit (even though I am not a fan)

-Ashtanga Yoga

-Bikram Yoga
-Power walking

Notable mentions: This is really a great day for getting shit done and handling things which are annoying. Tuesdays make a much better and more natural start to the week than Mondays. Sauna, shooting sports, chess and sex are natural choices for Tuesdays.

Wednesday AKA Mercury’s day/Mercure’s day

While Mars is all about intensity and explosively, Mercury is about speed, agility and coordination. It’s also about incorporating the mind into whatever you are doing. Mercury is a fast moving planet and is associated with quicksilver. It rules the extremeties, especially the shoulders, arms and fingers. It also governs respiration and the lungs, so breath work is a great activity for Wednesdays. Mercury is also known as the messenger god and in medical astrology governs the communicative process between cells, hormones and neurones. 

-Track and field



-Nervous system training/band workouts

-Upper body lifting


Thursday AKA Jupiter’s day/Thor’s day

This is quite a special day for all my fellow body builders out there; Jupiter expands everything. So if you’re looking to increase your strength or size (basically that’s pretty much body building). This is also a great day for doing any type of lower body focused workouts and generally for achieving your PBs (personal bests). Jupiter rules the hips, bum and thighs and also the liver, so it’s great for fat burning too. Jupiter is also one of the most spiritual and fun planets in our pantheon, so this is a great day for dancing (along with Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays).


-Body building

-Strength training


-A dance class from a different culture to your own

-Something fun and unstructured
-Kirtan Yoga 

-Kundalini Yoga 

This is also a great day for trying something new and exciting, and incorporating music and dance in some way. Meditation, sex and having fun are greatly placed here too!

Friday AKA Freya’s day/Venus’ day

Ahh..No matter where you are in the world, Friday is always a welcomed day. Venus, the planet of love and pleasure rules this day. But hold on, this planet also rules Libra which is all about beauty, grace, elegance, poise and balance. This is THE day for workouts which directly beautify the body’s appearance by bringing in balancing positions. This is definitely not the day to push it, leave that for Tuesday! 

-Pilates (matt or reformer)

-Hatha Yoga

-Any kind of dance class
-Swimming (leisurely)

*bonus points if you can do this in nature (Venus also rules Taurus, which is strongly associated with nature).

This is THE day for getting beauty treatments, going to the spa, going on a date, shopping, planning dinner with loved ones at an extravagant restaurant and luxurious baths with rose oil and rose quartz crystals. 

Saturday AKA Saturn’s Day

Despite Saturday being a day off pretty much everywhere in the world, it’s actually a day of duty. Saturn is all about being of service and duty and making sure we get done all those tasks which normally require more focus and self discipline. This is not a day for rushing things or doing them half-assed. Believe me, the karma will come quick. Saturn rules the musculoskeletal system and is the planet associated with delays, restrictions/constrictions and doing things systematically and properly. This is a really great day for rehab/corrective work, foundational training, posture work and resistance training with meticulous form. Some of these things may be considered boring and monotonous but nonetheless, the necessary piece to achieving your goals.

-Rehab/physio exercises

-Low intensity steady state cardio

-Weight lifting with excellent form

-Functional movement

If you are someone who dares to partake in cold water swimming (this always shows itself to me in someone’s birth chart) or is drawn to things like Wim Hoff breathing, cold showers, ice baths, 

Sunday AKA Sol’s day/Sun’s day

My favourite day of the week! Do whatever makes your heart (physically and emotionally) happy. Anything which makes you feel like a kid and full of joy. Remember when we were kids and we would play catch, or hopscotch or 5 a side football :D? You weren’t necessarily thinking of it as exercise at all! Just straight up fun, while getting your heart rate up and your body feeling good. Think along those lines!

-Any type of cardio, bonus points if outside


-backbends (yoga)

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