Waxing Pisces Moon Power

We all create maps of reality and then act as if they are true.

“Men are trash”

“I’m so dumb”

“I’m so unlucky”

“People only like me because of my looks/money/status/etc”

“I’m so unhealthy and unfit I don’t think I could ever be one of those healthy ppl”

“Money is the root of all evil”

“What people think of me is an accurate depiction of who I am”

“We’re wired to fail”

“If I work everyday for 8+ hours, I’ll become successful and rich”

“I’ll only be happy once I’ve made money/gotten married/achieved my dream body/etc”

“I can’t do this”

“I’m going to turn out like my mother/father”

Wow! How debilitating and also how effective! If only we could use the same superpower and method of repetition to catapult ourselves to our best possible reality

I drip feed myself positive affirmations daily to even out the score and manifest what I ACTUALLY want.

“I am vital and healthy”

“Everyday I’m healing and guiding others effectively towards healing”

“I am abundantly blessed and deeply appreciative”

“I am loving and loved”

“I am fulfilling my divine service to humanity to the best of my ability and I am divinely supported and appreciated in doing so”

“I am divinely protected and guided by the creator and the kind loving universe”

And many more! Feel free to use mine, or make your own.

Today is the last day for us to put out whatever we want to manifest in our realities before the cleansing full moon in Pisces comes into effect early tomorrow morning.

Get in some water to turbo boost your manifestation- and then again tomorrow to help you cleans yourself from old energies you want to expel from your reality

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