Fat cells: Where toxins like to hang out.

Did you know this is where toxins get stored by the body?

Now you do.

When toxins enter the body, especially synthetic ones like additives, chemicals, fake hormones, pollution, etc., your body can have a tough time figuring out what to do with these things.

Because they’re not made of ‘organic’ material which the body knows how to break down completely, our bodies just have a teenage style moment where it shoves this unknown object in our fat cells.

So, the more fat you have, the more toxins you’re carrying inside you.

The more toxins you have inside you, festering in your fat cells, the more ‘toxic’ and inflamed you are.

The more ‘toxic’ you are, the higher your risk of:

-developing chronic disease

-feeling wired & tired (tired but with sleep problems)

-having a weak immune system

-depression & other mental health disorders

-experiencing rashes, sinus problems, acne, food sensitivities/intolerances

This is one of the reasons why when we lose excess body fat, our inflammation goes down.

If you’re on a fat loss journey, you may experience detox symptoms like slight nausea, yucky skin/spots, sluggishness, moodiness and even odd smelling body odour.

This is all relatively normal, because we are literally liberating toxins which were stored in our fat cells. Hooray!

Now all we need to do is make sure to help our bodies in getting rid of these toxins.

Here are some effective ways to help yourself:

-Exercise, and get sweating.

-Any type of yoga which involves a lot of twists.


-epsom salt bath.

-body brushing.

-drinking at least 1.5L of water/day

-eat plenty of vegetables, including a handful of cruciferous vegetables per day.

-get yourself in bed before midnight and sleep for at least 7hrs a night.

When our toxin loads decrease, this can also indirectly help us in accelerating our metabolic rate – which means more efficient fat loss!

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