Fibre on Low Carb Diets – Are You Getting it in?

This is actually a repost from a wonderful account I follow on instagram.

An excellent post by @dougcookrd on how to get fibre into your diet when you’re choosing to go low carb.

This is so important, as high fat and protein diets can often end up in constipation.

Now you can have your low carb days while still maintaining your fibre goals!


A common misconception with lower-carb eating/diets is that they are NECESSARILY low in fiber ⁣

That is at best a myth, and at worst purposefully misleading ⁣

Cutting out starch-dense foods like pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, other grains or even carb-rich foods like mangoes, bananas, apples, etc doesn’t mean you’re automatically at risk of not getting enough fiber ⁣

You can easily get plenty of fiber from nuts, seeds (including whole and ground chia, and flax), and low starch veggies, lower sugar fruits like berries etc ⁣

Does it take some thought? Maybe. Is that automatically a bad thing? Not in my opinion ⁣

People often tout whole grains as the be-all, and end-all, when it comes to dietary fiber but there’s more to the story than just eating oats, bran flakes or using what’s essentially cake (a muffin) as a vehicle to get some wheat or oat bran down your gullet.

You can eat lower carb by cutting out refinded grains, grain products and potatoes which are essentially glucose and go for much more nutritious foods outlined above

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