Sluggish Bowels & Constipation

This is a topic which I come across so often with people. Conventional healthcare does a pretty basic job discussing this, and they often dismiss this as an IBS manifestation and send you off with painkillers, antidepressants (yes, really), laxatives and fibre supplements.

There’s quite a bit of ground to cover, so I’ll be focusing posts on this topic over the next consecutive days.

First of all, it helps to know what constipation is.

Conventional medicine practitioners say it’s ok to not pass a stool every day, and going every few days can be normal for some people, and therefore don’t classify this as constipation. FALSE!!!

Conventional medicine practitioners say it’s ok if you don’t feel like you’ve emptied your bowels, and as long as you’ve had some kind of bowel movement, incomplete or not, this don’t qualify as a true constipation and is perfectly ‘normal’. FALSE!!

Constipation is the inability to fully empty your bowels (not your intestines).

Doing a number 2 removes the waste from food, metabolites from your body’s functions like used hormones & neurotransmitters, toxins from your body’s antioxidant activity and etc.

If you are not able to empty your bowels properly every single day, this is a problem. Read the last paragraph again and you’ll start to understand why.

When we don’t empty the waste which your body is ready to get rid of, one of the things which happens is we recirculate all that garbage back into our blood stream.

Here’s an example of how things go wrong:

Ladies who get bad PMS – sometimes when you fix your digestion, your PMS completely disappears. You have an overload of oestrogen in your blood stream now, because your body is producing new oestrogen as it should, recirculating that old one it should have gotten rid of, while taking in synthetic oestrogen from your plastics/makeup/beauty products/processed food/environment etc.

In tomorrow’s post we’ll start to look at which areas to look at to see why the sluggishness/constipation is happening.

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