Additional Notes on Vitamin C

Couldn’t fit everything I wanted to in yesterday, so here are some additional notes about how you can use vitamin C to help your immune system!

  1. Vitamin C is destroyed by heat.

    When you’re cooking your vitamin C rich foods like broccoli, kale etc, it’s best to gently steam these for as short as possible in order to retain a good level of the nutrient.

    Additionally, if you’re buying vitamin C supplements, please make sure you’re storing them away from heat and direct sunlight.
  2. If you have a high sugar diet or have high blood glucose, there’s a chance you’re not absorbing vitamin C.

    Sugar and vitamin C have the same chemical composition, and they enter our cells in pretty much the same way. If you’re eating a high sugar diet (either processed or unprocessed i.e., excessive fruit portions), this may inhibit your cells’ ability to absorb the vitamin C from your foods and supplements.
  3. Vitamin C is an antioxidant

    This is one of the reasons why vitamin C is so mega powerful. Antioxidants basically hunt for oxygen reactive species and Free Radicals.

    We all have these, all the time, because, well..we breathe and eat – but the more pollution/sugar/processed foods/smoke/medication/radiation/illness/stress etc we are exposed to, the more oxygen reactive species and free radical activity we have.

    Thinks of ROS & FR as rusting your cells, in the same way leaving your car outside for months without moving it would rust your car. That’s called oxidation, and oxidation is the chemical term for ‘ageing’. When you slow down and reduce oxidation, you slow down ageing and death.

    Now, what antioxidants like vitamin C do is they hunt and transform ROS & FR into a compound which we can eventually safely excrete from our bodies.


    When we have an illness, our immune system have specialised cells which eat up the pathogens making us ill. This internal process alone releases ROS.

    So are you seeing why vitamin C is the don dada of the vitamins?

    Make sure you drink plenty of water + move your body to ensure the removal of these compounds for your body!
  4. Pregnant woman should not supplement with vitamin C unless under the strict guidance & monitoring of a clinician or doctor. High doses of vitamin C CAN cause miscarriage.

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