Vitamin C – The Most Important Vitamin of Them All Right Now

All the nutrients are important, because your body needs a full tank of them all for your bodies’ systems to function optimally.

However, vitamin C is SO important when it comes to immune function and respiratory health, that I even condone supplementation on this occasion.

Quite frankly, the amounts of vitamin C we acquire from foods is simply not going to be enough for immune defence, or if one actually contracts the virus.

For health defence, we want to be including many sources of vitamin C rich foods. Fortunately, those foods tend to also have other key nutrients which have already been mentioned in the previous vitamin posts:

Any colour peppers
Brussel sprouts

The thing is, you want to be aiming for 2-3g per day during times of stress, and to give your immune system a little extra boost. In usual circumstances, 1-2g would be more than sufficient.

For the majority of us, that won’t be achievable from just food. You could probably get under 1g – if you’re really vigilant with your diet.

To track your dietary vitamin C, you can use apps like MyFitnessPal & Chronometer.

Good quality ascorbic acid supplements (vitamin C) can come in individual 1000mg servings.

Taking your vitamin C with your meals is ideal, as mentioned in my B vitamins post. Combining zinc or iron + b vitamins + your vitamin C is optimal for absorption.

In times of stress (physiological or psychological), our bodies’ need for vitamin C increases, raising our usual tolerance to it. We use it to help clear out pathogens through the lymphatic system.

1L/day of water is key to help keep lymph moving – exercise helps too!

Our bodies cannot store nor synthesise vitamin C, so it is imperative we stay on top of this one. Our bodies also know how to get rid of extra vitamin C pretty quickly and efficiently.

Having said this, if your liver or kidneys are compromised, have HIV or any other serious conditions, please do not attempt to supplement without checking with your health professional first.

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