Are Carbs Bad For You?

I always advise people stay away from wheat based carbs and turn towards less refined, non wheat based carb sources such as:

Sweet potatoes,
regular potatoes,
brown rice,
basmati rice,
jasmine rice,
wild rice,

Please remember carbs are not the enemy.

If you’re obsessively counting carbs, I’m here to tell you that unless you’ve been personally advised to remove them from your diet, ensure you keep them in.

In the right dose and timed correctly for YOU, these better sources of carbs actually support and boost your overall physiological function.

From hormone health, energy production & release, immune support, muscle growth, thyroid and adrenal balance, cognitive function and mood! You may even find that your little pot belly starts to melt away…yes really!

But this usually requires 1-1 attention and analysis of your personal biochemical make up to get it right.

As I always like to remind everyone, each one of us is biochemically unique. Some people’s genetics are wired to be better at metabolising carbs over fat, and vice versa – and some people are efficient at both, and some are poor at both.

In all cases, these genetic factors can be modulated and influenced by your dietary & lifestyle choices. Meaning, what you could & couldn’t metabolise before, may be subject to change, which is very exciting!

The key thing is to eat and live in accordance with what’s best for YOUR bio individuality.

If you’re currently low carb or zero carb and not feeling so great/plateauing, it may be time to experimenting with small amounts of carb intake and see how that helps!


  1. Not all carbs are created equally (see above again)
  2. Timing and cycling carbs for optimal health is a great tool
  3. Do not go heavy on fat AND carbs in the same meal, unless you’re dedicated to putting on body fat
  4. Everyone’s carb requirement/tolerance is different, and will change in accordance with their life stage (age) as well as health status and general circumstance (stress, activity levels, other dietary factors).

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