Mental Health Awareness May – Don’t Suffer in Silence.

This time last year I was having a very difficult time in my life. I felt isolated and I found it very hard to cope.

I found myself in a position where I was scared to reach out to my closest people because I didn’t think they would understand, and I was afraid they would judge me.

It was one of the darkest times times in my life, however, from it came great light and purpose.

Realising I couldn’t cope, I took the plunge into talking therapy.

I had previously done CBT through my GP for anxiety and unfortunately it was a pretty shit experience. I needed something different.

I found my amazing therapist through the counselling directory website, and I had a good feeling about embarking on my person centred style therapy.

After almost a year of regular sessions (and lots of soul searching), I feel much more empowered. I’ve learned how to talk more kindly to myself, create firm boundaries and dig deep below the surface of my insecurities and pain.

I have given up on my people pleasing conditioning & self betrayal, and taken up putting myself and happiness first.

As a result, I’m feeling a lot more ‘whole’ and more capable of having honest, vulnerable conversations, acknowledging my shadow, inner child, weaknesses, strengths, beauty and all.

I still have a long way to go in this path of self acquaintance, yet I’m very proud of my growth and very grateful to my wonderful therapist for providing me with invaluable tools.

To anyone who feels they could be living a much better life, to anyone who feels they’re not fulfilling their true potential, for anyone who feels like they’re carrying the whole world on their back, drowning silently in shame, fear and sadness, please please please – consider talking therapy.

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