The Problem With Cheap Quality Supplements

The Problem with Cheap Quality Supplements

If you’re buying your supplements from drug store & supermarket brands, you’re more than likely wasting your money. This also goes for that famous health store franchise brand (the one with all the green branding).

For starters, just look at the ingredients. Lots of weird words. Fillers? Maltodextrin? Gluten? Wtf.

Additionally, when it comes to herbal preparations like Ginseng, Ashwaghanda etc..we don’t know the quality of the herb they sourced. This is a problem because herbs have the potential to be harmful/toxic if they’re not good quality.

On top of it, we don’t know which part of the herb is being used in the supplement compound. Are they using the stalk? Root? Leaves? Yes, it makes a difference. Different parts of the plant have different properties and different effects on the body.

When you seek out a high quality brand for your herbal preparations, it should tell you which part of the plant was used. The supplement should also be organic – after all, why would you want to invest in a highly concentrated toxic pill?

Moreover, cheap supplements tend to be compromised in potency – the bottle may promise 1000mg, but does that mean you’re likely to get anything near that from it?

Finally, the preparation used to make the supplement may be in a really crappy form.

That means even if it may actually contain the 1000mg promised, your body isn’t going to be able to absorb anywhere near that amount.

It could also result in you having some undesirable physical manifestations like a rash, bloating, stomach ache, changes in bowel movements etc.

Where do you buy your supplements from?

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