You’re not taking the right form of supplement for your individual genetics or health status.

Yes, not everyone can take any supplement. Even the good quality ones.

Here are some examples:

Remember when I said some supplements make you psychotic?

Let’s talk about it.

B vitamin supplements can do this to some people. Particularly vitamins B6 & B12.

B vitamins can be excitatory for the nervous system if taken inappropriately.

Some people have a genetic mutation (very common) where they can’t convert vitamins b6 (folic acid)& b12 into the active form of b12, which is what our bodies actually need. All that happens is you have a rising level of these inactive b vitamins in your blood which are not being metabolised properly.

So if somebody with this mutation takes a consistent dose of the wrong form of b vitamins, some of the manifestations that can occur are anxiety, restlessness and in extreme cases, psychosis.

Heart attacks and anxiety attacks can also occur if high doses of these non metabolised b vitamins continue to build up in the blood stream. They convert into a non-favourable amino acid called homocysteine, which is usually high in cases of heart attack and high stress.

Another example of a supplement which can be dangerous if not dispensed by an experienced professional is iron.

There are different forms of iron, some can be highly in-absorbable and can result in constipation, stomach aches and more extreme circumstances, blood poisoning (haemochromatosis) which can result in death.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever take an iron supplement, but just like you wouldn’t take an antibiotic without guidance and a prescription, you should also only take iron supplements under the care of a nutritional therapist or naturopath (doctors tend to suck at this).

Magnesium is another one. There are many forms of magnesium preparations. Some are good, some are notoriously crap. Some work as a laxative, some work to improve your energy production, some work to make you feel more relaxed, and some help with detoxification. Imagine you were taking the laxative one in hopes of getting better sleep. Wouldn’t that be annoying??

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