The Tea on…Tea!

Last week I wrote a couple of posts on coffee, and gave guidelines on who may not tolerate it so well.

For those who want caffeine so they can get an energy boost or perhaps increase their mental focus, but don’t care much for the jitters and heart palpitations, tea is your answer.

Naturally caffeinated teas like black tea (English breakfast tea, Earl Grey, Chai, etc), green tea & matcha and Oolong are wonderful options.

Not only do they offer the same energy boosting effect from coffee (but gentler), they also give you much better mental focus.

Why? Because they contain an amino acid called L Theanine. This compound is used prolifically in many ‘calming’ remedies.

So what you actually get is better cognitive function, because you get the caffeine but without the ‘fight or flight’ effect trigger.

Remember, when your body goes into this stress mode, it shuts down functions which it doesn’t deem to be useful for survival aka running away from a tiger.

However, when you’re in the opposite mode of rest and digest, you’ll be much better at retaining and regurgitating information because you’re CALM.

Even if you’re a coffee drinker. I challenge you to see how many of your coffees you could switch to a caffeinated tea instead.

Do you notice a difference?

Of course caffeine is still caffeine, so don’t go crazy.

And because tea is gentler on the nervous system than coffee, you may be mislead to think it won’t interfere with your sleep.

It very much will.

So if coffee keeps you up at night, avoid drinking tea any less than 6 hours before your desired bedtime. Allow the caffeine a chance to detox.

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