Wholewheat and brown carbs are healthy and you should include these in your diet for optimal health. FALSE!

Let me explain.

Yes, brown and wholewheat varieties are HEALTHIER than their more processed white counterparts, due to the fact that they are less processed. Wholewheat simply means that the product you’re eating is comprised of the whole wheat kernel and hasn’t been mixed with other grains.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that what you have here is still a wheat based product. And as I mentioned in the Carbs post, wheat and corn based products are not a necessary nor beneficial source of nutrients. Here’s why:

-wheat, corn & soy are the most genetically modified foods in the world and contain MANY chemicals.
Do you really want that in your body?
In addition, their mass cultivation and production is one of the biggest contributors to environmental damage and has a HUGE carbon footprint. Not great.

-wheat & corn also contain many anti nutrients which can cause harm to our immune system, digestive system, gut bacteria population and blood sugar.

Yes, they have nutrients like B Vitamins, fibre and some minerals, however these nutrients are obtainable from other carbohydrates like rice & quinoa, vegetables like kale, spinach and rocket and even nuts.

I personally don’t have corn in my diet, and when I do have wholewheat, it’s in the form of artisan baked sourdough bread (check out my sourdough post to find out why artisan sourdough is better for you than regular bread).

Pasta, couscous, bread and cereal can easily exit your life and most likely your health will be better off.

For a reminder on which carbs are better to include in a balanced, healthy diet, check out my Are Carbs Bad Bad For You post from last week.

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