Why some people are experiencing long term Covid symptoms, and why it can be harmful to health.

If you haven’t read my post from last week ‘Why you may be feeling like s**t’, stop, and read that first.

Or else you may not fully grasp what the rest of this post.

Even if you have not had been infected with this recent virus, you may have been infected by other viruses which leave a similar trail of side effects behind (Epstein Barr Virus).

Here are some of the common long term effects:

-Fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue

-Gut diseases/imbalances

-Nervous system imbalances

-Poor immune function

-Depression &/or anxiety

-chronic disease & autoimmunity

-Poor mental function/brain fog

The dreaded C-virus belongs to a family of RNA viruses, which attack, damage and hijack our mitochondria.

They do this so that they can manipulate the function of the mitochondria to ensure their own survival, by using their mechanism to replicate themselves and maintain THEIR own homeostasis.

When this happens, that means that we are lacking our own mitochondrial support, and that the virus has access to our resources for energy (that is cellular, not just the energy to move your legs etc).

So we can expect to be left with nutrient depletions.

Another way the virus compromises our mitochondria and worsens our overall health, is the sheer amount of oxidative stress produced by the virus, and the entire chaotic cascade which ensues due to the imbalances created by the virus.

Oxidative stress can be compared to ‘pollution’ in physiological terms. It causes rusting/ageing of our cells.

Ever left a car out in the rain for weeks, and watch it develop rust? That is a pretty good representation of what happens to our cells when we have high levels of oxidative stress.

This oxidative stress on alone is enough to cause a huge amount of damage in any given circumstance, let alone in conjunction with the hijacking of the mitochondria.

We are talking very high levels of inflammation and toxicity here, enough to cause damage to the liver.

HOWEVER! It is certainly not all doom and gloom, and there are ways out!!

There are ways to support your health, and there are ways to potentially reverse some of the damage, and possibly gain back full health (dependent on each individual’s position of health at the time).

That is why it is IMPORTANT to act fast, rather than leave it to chance.

The general advice I constantly bang on about, eating 10 portions of vegetables a day, is a good starting point for helping your body develop strong foundational health, as a PREVENTATIVE measure.

It can also help you recover during times of infection, but it is unlikely that it will be enough, due to the strain placed on our bodies’ systems! We will need much higher levels of nutritional support, and you will need the guidance of a skilled clinical practitioner for this.

If you are experiencing long term symptoms post ANY type of viral attack, I can help.

Email me and we can discuss the best plan of action to take based on your individual health circumstances.

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