Fear Not Your Underworld

What if, wherever ‘darkness’ lies in our lives, we leant into that discomfort and unknown?

What if, by taking that journey into our own underworld, we uncover light?

All that darkness really is, is an invitation for us to focus and investigate on where it’s coming from and why we’re experiencing it. It’s not so we can suppress it.

Truth can be uncomfortable – but ask yourself this;

would you rather be comfortable in your own voluntary mental prison/reality, of fear, subordination, apathy, hopelessness and self-victimisation?

Or would you rather experience the initial discomfort of facing your truth and becoming liberated and self empowered?

The dark isn’t bad, it’s just the shadow parts of us that we’ve learned to be ashamed of and distance ourselves from.

This leads to separation, fragmentation and compartmentalisation of our ‘selves’.

The more you uncover about yourself in the discomfort, the more aligned you’ll become.

The more aligned and unified you are with yourself, the healthier you will be in your body, mind and spirit.

It’s very easy for disease to be birthed in states of misalignment and disillusionment.

When I work with clients, while the focus is on what we put into our physical bodies, we have to also consider what we put into our psyche and around our spirit.

We cannot progress with our physical health if we’re neglecting our mental and spiritual health, because we are not just a body.

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