My First Transformation

Early 20s vs early 30s
Guess who’s winning?

I was never a skinny kid. I was always on the ‘chubby’ side.

Of course I’d done loads of things to lose weight, sometimes it worked, most of the times it didn’t.

When it worked, it would be a matter of time before I’d pile it back on. And that’s because, you guessed it – I was always in the fad diets or just starving myself while doing a ridiculous amount of cardio (yuck).

When it didn’t work, it was because I was eating all these seemingly healthy foods. At least, that’s how they were marketed. In fact, I think I was eating more rubbish (under the guise of it being healthy).

I was miserable. I didn’t like how I fitted in my clothes, and I felt sluggish and tired, and let’s not even talk about my painful joints, terrible PMS and constant digestive issues.

But I didn’t really know what healthy felt like so I just cracked on – until I decided I wasn’t feeling or looking my best self and I’d had enough.

Why wasn’t I living my best potential self’s life?! Only I could answer that question.

Nowadays, I’m ALWAYS trim, my skin looks good, and my health is the best it has ever been.

confession: I’m definitely not always nutritionist Nourie. I defo have Diet Coke, cake, crisps, ice cream etc from time to time.

But guess what? I’ve now created a lifestyle and brain patterns which both psychologically and physically ensure I stay in tip top shape, even during the not so healthy days. I’ve set strong foundations and I have general good compliance most of the time.

That’s what I aim to do with my clients. Strict and rigorous to begin with, and then I teach them how to intuitively look after their own body – because after all, they’ve been living with theirs for a long time!

This isn’t a ‘diet’, it’s an empowering lifestyle shift which will be very hard to turn back on, because we work on your re-programming your mind first.

I’m not waiting for life to pass me by, I want to have the best me every moment I can.

Want to work with me? Check out my prescriptive services menu page and drop me a message with your enquiry.

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