‘Why the f**k do I get painful PMS and periods?’

Is it the curse every woman has to go through? Is this what we’re all destined to experience, generation after generation, forever more?

F**k no. And whoever told you it is to be expected and normal, is wrong. Yes, it may be common, but that’s a reflection of our general state of health..!

I see/hear soooo many women constantly complaining about their periods and planning around their cycle – even taking days off work.

I must admit, I’ve been there. The pain, the fatigue, the migraines, the extremely low moods and general agg..it can all get a bit much.

Here’s what may be happening:

your oestrogen is TOO high (if you’ve been on most contraceptive pills, you’ll be very familiar with this, you may get swollen breasts, find it hard to build muscle, find it hard to lose body fat, always eating carbs/sugary foods, drink high volumes of alcohol, eat lots of processed foods)

your oestrogen is TOO low (if you’re not eating enough, not getting enough nutrients, have a low body fat % or approaching menopause)

your progesterone is TOO high (you might get very swollen, feel very low or be extra forgetful)

your progesterone is TOO low (again, not eating the right kinds of foods/getting the right amount of key nutrients, not sleeping enough, and it makes you feel like you have 0 sex drive, you are prone to getting ovarian cysts, and you May even have trouble getting pregnant)

your testosterone is TOO high (you are on the hairy side – but are losing hair on your head 🙃, you may also have acne/spots or oily skin, and you may also have PCOS)

your testosterone is TOO low (you struggle putting on muscle, your bone health isn’t great, you’re always tired, what libido?)

The reason you have bad PMS may not always be the same. It depends on what you’ve been doing in the run up to that cycle.

Which of these reasons & symptoms do you relate to the most?

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