Are Your Masculine & Feminine Energies Balanced?

Do you know that you carry and operate from both masculine and feminine energy?

For the majority of human history, humans have been operating from a predominantly wounded masculine space, leading to burnout, increase in diseases rooted in stress.

Ladies, are you operating from a yang/masculine dominant energy? Or maybe you recognise some toxic feminine or masculine energy traits in you?

Bros, the same question extends to you.

This isn’t so much to do with sexual orientation or preference.

A lot of men and women feel shame and frustration when their energies are not balanced, and this can manifest as a health imbalance in order to get your attention.

Watch as Nadeen and I explain more about what this means, and what the manifestations are of the wounded masculine and wounded feminine energy, and how anyone can balance these out. Catch our full conversation here.

Want to find out more about where this imbalance comes from in your life?

Book in for an astrological nutrition session with me and we can look at how these imbalances manifest, where they come from and most importantly, how to balance them out – for better physical and emotional health.

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