Psycho-spiritual reasons why you’re feeling like s**t (and your mitochondrion may be suffering)

I believe we can’t separate the body from the mind and spirit.

So when we are not in alignment with our true authentic selves, we can guarantee the development of illness.

If this goes unchecked and we keep stuffing what we don’t want to face about our lives under the bed, then it is bound to manifest as chronic disease.

This is why shadow work is very important.

Living in a constant state of ‘I must’ and ‘I should’, rather than the path our inner selves wants to live can have a profound impact the health of our mitochondria.

Issues ranging from, but not limited to:

-you don’t know who you are
-not trusting yourself
-not believing you have a right to be happy
-feeling too unworthy to receive
-feeling like an imposter
-leading a double life
-holding grudges
-continuing to go into a job you hate
-betraying yourself
-having very weak or no boundaries
-feeling unloved
-feeling lonely
-feeling in empowered & victimised
-feeling disconnected to your body
-feeling like you’re not enough
-feeling like you can’t be your authentic self
-not trusting in God/universe/higher power
-not feeling in control of your life
-self doubt
-living in & acting from a place of fear
-lack mentality (there aren’t enough resources for everyone – a huge lie)
-feeling a need to be validated by others
-not standing up for yourself

Living with these modes constantly activated in our subconscious field can create holes in our auric field and completely unbalance our chakras.

When these occur, we are actually more susceptible to catching physical diseases.

Our spiritual & physiological health are intertwined.

You can’t progress far on either scale without tending to the other.

The healing doesn’t end with good nutrition compliance – that’s just one component.

Do you relate to any of listed imbalances from this post? I certainly do, and that’s why I’m always doing shadow work.

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