Why you may be feeling like s**t

Short biology lesson:

Inside our cells, we have a tiny but mighty organelle known as the mitochondrion.

This organelle is responsible for manufacturing the energy our cells require to carry out their various chemical processes, such as communication with other cells, and killing its own cell when it’s expired.

The mitochondrion also produces the vast majority of our bodies’ energy currency, ATP.

In other words, if you don’t have enough mitochondrion, or you have damaged mitochondrion, here’s what you may experience as a result:

-learning disabilities
-fat gain
-inability to lose body fat
-‘soft’ body appearance
-slow metabolism
-catching colds & infections easily
-taking ages to recover
-brain fog & inability to focus properly
-gut infections
-slow gut movement
-compromised digestion
-deficiencies in nutrients
-sensitives to foods
-many allergies
-low pain threshold
-inability to build muscle after the gym
-slow & painful recovery after exercise
-lack of motivation
-feeling stressed out/overwhelmed
-chronic diseases

In fact, I would argue that the vast majority of health conditions are a manifestation of poor mitochondrial health.

This is why when I work with my clients, we always take it alllll the way down to the cellular level, and this often takes a MINIMUM of 3-6 months for true healing to start taking place.

Otherwise, we are just quietening symptoms, which will undoubtedly manifest again either in the same way or somewhere else.

There are many tools I use with clients to improve mitochondrial health – not only that, we also INCREASE the number of mitochondrion, further supporting their bodies ability TO HEAL ITSELF.

Want to know more about what’s going on in your health picture and finally investigate what all those pesky mystery symptoms are all about?

Get in touch by emailing me: nour@luxnutritionlondon.com

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